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Other Treatments

Skin Diseases


Our therapists treat skin diseases with acupuncture and/or Traditional Chinese Medicine (chiness herbs).


  • Chinese medicine Vs Western medicine for skin disease

Western medicine treats skin diseases with hormones, and it is effective in a short period of time. However, hormones are harmful to the body and skin diseases will reoccur if hormones are withdrawn.


In Chinese medicine, skin diseases are divided into the following types: blood heat, blood dryness, blood stasis, damp-heat and toxic heat. Depending on the type of skin diseases you suffer, the treatment principle may be different: clearing away heat and cooling blood; tonifying blood and moistening dryness; promoting blood circulation and remove blood stasis; or transform dampness and release toxin, etc.


Chinese medicine can treat skin diseases with different kind of techniques: acupuncture, Chinese herbs, external application of Chinese Herbal Medicine etc.


The effectiveness of Chinese medicine may be slower than Western medicine. Since there is no application of hormones, the diseases could be cured and will not occur again if treated properly.


Diseases can be treated with acupuncture or/and Chinese herbs:


  • Acne

  • Eczema

  • Herpes

  • Psoriasis

  • Urticaria



Respiration Problems


Acupuncture and Chinese herbs may help:

  • Improve and balance the immune system

  • Reduce allergic reaction

  • Reduce bronchial inflammation

  • Adjust the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system in order to expand the walls of the airways

  • Reduce and withdraw mucus and phlegm

  • Increase the capacity of the lungs




The mechanism of the treatment of acupuncture for depression could be explained by Traditional Chinese Medicine  theory:

According to TCM theory, depression is the result of the heart, liver, spleen and kidney dysfunction. By selecting proper points, patients can reach the state with calming mind, toning kidney, strengthening spleen, soothing liver, so that QI ( Qi is the energy of the body, of the meridians, of food, of the universe.) of five viscera can be reconciled, viscera function gradually become normal, the patient can go out of depression and feel healthy again.

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